DePalma Clothing

In 1972, A lifelong friend Joseph and his son Jr, decided to pay tribute to their infamous outlaw friend David Clay DePalma. The DePalma brand was born in a small shop in Fresno, CA where they built motorcycles, hot rods, lowriders and other projects while screening club t-shirts and DePalma branded insignia on the side. The DePalma shop was a fellowship for all the local hot rodders and bikers. In 1979, a brutal fire closed shop and it was never opened again.

In 2002 came a couple of greasy Swedes with a mutual love for building hot rods & bikes, oldschool skating and t-shirts. They joined forces and were granted permission to take over the DePalma brand name. There was only one request from the original founders. To keep the same traditional values of the brand. Low, Fast & loud, and dedicated to the garage lifestyle. “Built by hot rodders, for hot rodders”. In 2008, the idea of expanding distribution was coming into effect. It was time to bring the brand back to where all the inspiration began. With the help of fellow friend, DePalma SoCal was born.In 2009 DePalma SoCal launched in San Clemente, CA.  Its founders set about to build a brand that would encompass the lifestyle they grew up with; surfing, skating, carburated suicide machines, and boulevard cruisers.  The Cali garage life.

DePalma utilized the help of fellow friend Danny Trejo to help launch the initial SoCal marketing campaign. They ran ads in magazines such as Lowrider, Oldschool Rodz, Deluxe, and Dice. Within the first year, the development, response and growth has been immense. Starting with only 15 stores. DePalma is now represented in over 220 stores and is distributed in over 12 different countries.

Whether raising hell/chasing swell, or finding it and grinding it, DePalma pays tribute to the streets with its lifestyle values. Build it low, fast or loud with oldschool pride is the daily mantra behind the influence of our clothing brand. Trends come and go, but tradition never goes out of style.